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Stade dijonnais – ASVEL : 32-26

WE ARE BACK !! Victoire du Stade face à Villeurbanne! Très beau match, des points et un superbe résultat 👊🔥👌 ALLEZ DIJON !  Ensemble Rouge et Bleu !

Stade dijonnais – Strasbourg : 30-3

Stade Dijonnais 30 - 03 RC Strasbourg  Victoire splendide des Espoirs cet après-midi face au RC Strasbourg !! 😁👊🔥  Continuez comme ça !  Allez Dijon #rougeetbleu

Vienne – Stade dijonnais : 39-7

VIENNE - STADE DIJONNAIS : 39-7 Après 3 victoires consécutives, le Stade connaît une défaite importante sur la pelouse du CS Vienne Rugby. Un match que le coach annonçait comme difficile avec un effectif réduit et une infirmerie pleine. Sans prendre de point pour la première fois cette saison, les Dijonnais...

Tournoi départemental – Nuits Saint-Georges – M12

Tournoi départemental – Nuits Saint-Georges – M12 C’est avec un magnifique soleil que nos deux équipes se rendirent à Nuits afin de participer au premier regroupement du CD21. Fabien et Jacky encadraient l’équipe A tandis que Christophe et David étaient aux manettes de l’équipe B. Anne-Catherine et Julien se partageant...


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Gym Center

A training center complete with absolutely everything an athlete needs to work


Are excellent and amazing team made for you to join have fun and train and grow more


Incredible lessons always with great team to train your body and relax your mind

Quick & Easy

Our professionals work hard for you for you to see results very quickly and easily

All Sports

We train all types of athletes of all imaginable modalities very carefully and strong

Very Cheap

The best conditions of low-cost great efficiency because We sell quality. Trust us


The best training methods for our students always with great tips and support

Ready To Fight

A project to fighters from all martial arts learn to improve their fighting techniques


Our pride is our team

We have great professionals in our team who are highly trainer to help you conquer all your goals in an easy fast and fun because we always want the best for our students and we are prepared to evolve with you this is Sport




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  • It’s a great gym they have the best professionals and are always by my side to help me with everything I need, like a lot because I have fun and learn while inside shaped.

    Brooce Lo

  • I needed a place to get in shape, always frequented gym, but this is by far the best of all that it has already trained a great environment is a great team behind it all.

    Anne Shepard

  • The best workout I’ve ever done in my life, ever since I joined I have lost weight and started to gain muscle it is helping me a lot, I’m happier and this is good for my mind.

    Hanck Colt

  • I always wanted to train in a place like this, it’s great, nutritionists are helping me and making me very great diets, I am getting lots of attention and great workout tips.

    Lisa Forman